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Use itrezzoAgent to sync the Global Address List (GAL), Exchange public folders, SQL, SharePoint, SalesForce and CRM to Outlook Contacts and mobile devices.

itrezzo's Unified Contact Management

Why struggle to locate current contact information on a mish-mash of spreadsheets, USB drives, sticky notes, or third-party apps on each handheld? With itrezzo Contact Management software, contact information will always be ready where it is needed most urgently – in the smart phone address books of first responders, crisis teams, direct response staff, and senior leaders.

Instantly sync Exchange public folders to an iPhone, shoot out BlackBerry PIN blasts (BlackBerry PIN contact database), receive instant updates of the Global Address List (GAL sync) and sync between multiple platforms and mobile devices (such as iPhones, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone). We provide all the tools necessary to make everyone reachable for emergency response situations and overall improved productivity.