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Contacts Reachable in Emergency itrezzo Unified Contact Management

Through earthquakes, hurricanes, and network failures, itrezzo UCM ensures leadership, disaster recovery, and continuity teams can communicate

Campbell, California August 30, 2011 – Ask any continuity planner what the most important part of their planning is, and they will tell you that communication is the pivotal requirement in their emergency response.

Hit with a 5.8 magnitude earthquake and Hurricane Irene in the same week, customers (up to 100,000 users in size), using itrezzo Unified Contact Management™, made it their top priority to ensure that all their emergency contact lists and information were up-to-date and loaded on thousands of employees’ smart phones, tablets, and desktops.

While typical organizations struggle with contact information on a mish-mash of spreadsheets, USB drives, Post-it Notes, or third-party apps on each handheld, itrezzo customers had all their critical contact data ready. With itrezzo Unified Contact Manager, contact data is where it is needed most urgently – in the smart phone address books of first responders, crisis teams, DR Staff, and senior leaders.

During the recent East Coast earthquake, many organizations were hampered by overloaded telephone lines, outdated employee contact information, incomplete disaster plans, or outdated business continuity plans.  Meanwhile, itrezzo customers leveraged its Unified Contact Manager, to reach critical staff, using SMS and PIN messages. With the assurance that critical contacts are current and correctly distributed to address books of employee phones, itrezzo customers stood ready for the anticipated impact of Hurricane Irene.  They were able to send and receive:

  • Vital instructions, through text messages and PIN broadcast, to hundreds or thousands of employees

  • Disaster Recovery and safety documents, such as evacuation plans, via BlackBerry browser channels

One itrezzo customer – a large school district in Florida – relied on itrezzo during and after Hurricane Wilma, the most intense cyclone recorded in the Atlantic basin. Using itrezzo Unified Contact Manager, the Outlook folders and smart phone address books of district school principals and responder staff, were kept up to date.  Emergency management memos were pushed out to individual BlackBerry handhelds with specific emergency instructions for the approaching hurricane.  Even if the BlackBerry or email servers were unavailable, the team had the ability to communicate via BlackBerry PIN-to-PIN connections, or push to talk handsets. 

With an outstanding track record of excellent performance at major government and corporate organizations, itrezzo Unified Contact Manager addresses a wide range of contact optimization for business productivity and continuity issues.  Its major components are:

  • itrezzoAgent EPS – enterprise-grade server infrastructure and contact management applications that automatically disseminate employee contact information.  Data is gathered from disparate sources to optimize contact data, by enhancing its accuracy and completeness. The itrezzo Unified Contact Manager completes the optimization by automatically delivering updates to their point of usage: the address books in employees’ mobile devices. No software is required on the mobile device.

  • itrezzo Self Service Update – an efficient, trustworthy component in optimizing accuracy and completeness of employee contact information, Self Service Update automates the collection of updates and corrections so they can be synced to employee mobile phones and the global address list.

  • itrezzo Lockstep – automatically updates the corporate global address list with precision updates.     

  • itrezzo InterOrg Connector – extends unified contact management (UCM) across organizational boundaries by optimizing contact data, and sharing it between designated staff groups at different companies or agencies. InterOrg Connector is unique.  There is no other solution that allows turnkey sharing of handheld contacts between organizations.  

Although it works with all handhelds, itrezzo Unified Contact Manager requires no handheld software. It deploys within minutes or hours, and typically achieves ROI within four months, based on just its day-to-day productivity improvements.  The ROI for reachability of critical team members during a disaster is incalculable. Free trials are available for itrezzo UCM for qualified enterprises and organizations.

About itrezzo

Since 2001, itrezzo, based in Campbell, California, has developed enterprise-grade infrastructure and applications that solve the problems of unified contact management (UCM) for enterprises, private equity firms, federal and local governments, schools, healthcare organizations, law firms, energy companies, media and news organizations, and services firms. The itrezzo UCM software platform was designed as a comprehensive full-cycle, end-to-end solution for unified contact management. The itrezzo platform optimizes contact data in everyday circumstances, and sustains communications during emergency situations.  For eight years, itrezzo UCM has been trusted with servers deployed behind the firewalls of companies and government agencies, including the Department of Justice, FCC, US Army Corp of Engineers, The Carlyle Group, City of Berkeley, St. Jude Hospital, Shell, Hogan Lovells, HBO, and CNN.     For immediate help, contact itrezzo at 408-540-5020.  For more information, please visit: