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itrezzo syncs and updates industries with the most current contacts

Energy producers, financial institutions, government agencies, and school districts are among the organizations with special communication requirements in the event of a crisis, urgent event, business opportunity, or network failure. 

The itrezzo platform for Unified Contact Management (UCM)  is a proven solution that works in every industry to ensure critical employees and customers are reachable by optimizing contacts and ensuring they stay current on all their computing and mobile devices.

With the ability to instantly update and sync Exchange public folders, utilize BlackBerry PIN blasts (PIN to PIN messaging), and Microsoft active server, all devices can be updated with the most current contact databases.

itrezzo goes well beyond the high-ROI benefits of improved everyday productivity gain, by ensuring every key employee is reachable. itrezzo constantly improves the accuracy of the global address list (GAL) with automation that goes beyond contact manager to efficiently sync contacts and update smart phone address books.  

Industries and itrezzo working together

  • Financial Services – enable immediate communication with stakeholders both inside the firm and within portfolio companies. React quickly when events affect financial markets, such as oil spills, terrorism, or reversals in economic data.
  • Federal government agencies – quickly reach response teams or regulatory agencies for natural disaster response or man-made emergency response.
  • Energy companies ensure contacts are in sync for emergency response teams and business teams dealing with natural disasters and critical business issues.
  • Law firms – immediately access colleagues and experts during critical negotiations or litigation.
  • Healthcare – reach critical personnel during medical emergencies.
  • Local agencies and schools – preserve public safety and quickly restore services following disruptive or dangerous events.
  • Media and news reach key contacts when current events require instant communication.
  • Services quickly contact key employees and customers when emergencies arise.
  • Enterprise – improve productivity of every person with in organization and react quickly for business critical events.

When disaster strikes, or opportunity sparkles, make sure everyone is reachable with itrezzo ECO.


The US Department of Justice leverages itrezzo's ECO solutions to support business continuity (COOP), disaster recovery, and emergency preparedness by pushing vital plans and critical contact information to thousands of mobile devices.  The itrezzo solution is designed to work with all desktops and mobile handheld devices, including the iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android.