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itrezzo for Energy Companies

Over the past decade, dramatic and tragic disasters have originated with the global energy industry. Nobody needs more proof that energy companies and regulators need to be ready for the most extreme combination of disasters: the 100-year storm, tsunami plus nuclear meltdown, ecological Armageddon, record-breaking earthquakes, and the worst scenarios of terrorism. 

Once energy-related disasters begin, they often involve escalating levels of damage that must be stopped with precise and coordinated human intervention. Minutes matter…seconds are vital when lives depend on rapid containment. To help you overcome all these challenges we have designed:

  • The itrezzo Unified Contact Manager ensures complete and current contact information synchronization that saves valuable minutes and supports an efficient disaster response.
  • Much more than a business contact manager, its central application,  itrezzoAgent EPS, can sync the global address list and employee smart phones with the latest employee contact data.
  • The itrezzo Self Service Update  application procures the latest, most accurate contact details from the most reliable source available. Another optional component, the itrezzo InterOrg Connector makes it easy for energy companies and regulators to keep track of key personnel in other organizations who are integral to effective disaster response.

Under everyday circumstances, the productivity and time savings delivered by itrezzo solutions produces an ROI of 300% to 400% per year, or higher. It takes just one natural or man made energy-related disaster for that return on investment to leap to a level that is incalculably high. If you consider the reactor meltdown in Japan, the idea of any reachability gap between key personnel in our own nuclear industry becomes unjustifiable. itrezzo provides an economical, complete, and low-cost family of solutions to maximize reachability and sustain communications.