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itrezzo contact management solutions for Interconnected Government Agencies

Managing critical employee contacts within an agency becomes more challenging when the task includes sharing contacts with other organizations. Disaster response and relief efforts require multiple agencies and organizations to work together. Chaotic and rapidly shifting conditions in the field demand that participants can reach one another without delay, by voice or text.


People change jobs, are reassigned, or simply get new contact devices and numbers. Without the itrezzo Unified Contact Manager it is virtually impossible to keep key participants’ address books updated for the people they will have to call on—especially across agency boundaries. One agency will not have access to the global address list or latest directory of another agency.

The carefully designed itrezzo InterOrg Connector is a simple, practical solution that helps multiple organizations work together in crisis situations. It is a key part of operational readiness and mission fulfillment.

  • The itrezzo Unified Contact Manager ensures complete and current contact information that saves valuable minutes and supports an efficient disaster response. It encompasses several applications and optional components, including the three described below.
  • Much more than a business contact manager, itrezzoAgent EPS, the widely used engine for enterprise contact optimization, will sync the global address list and employee smart phones with the latest employee contact data, when used with another UCM component from itrezzo such as LockStep.
  • The itrezzo Self Service Update application procures the latest, most accurate contact details from the most reliable source available.
  • The itrezzo InterOrg Connector makes it easy for government agencies and nonprofit aid groups to coordinate with key personnel--in other organizations--who will be needed for an effective disaster response.
  • Under everyday circumstances, the productivity and time savings delivered by itrezzo solutions produces an ROI of 300% to 400% per year, or higher. It takes just one natural or man made disaster for that return on investment to leap to a level that is incalculably high.

Why choose itrezzo contact synchronization tools

Unified contact management from itrezzo has long been trusted and used to provide reliable contact management solutions by major governmental entities including the Department of Justice, the FCC, and the Army Corps of Engineers. Learn more about all itrezzo customers.

itrezzo solutions make it simple and possible for agencies to quickly update contact data over Exchange public folders, the GAL directory, Microsoft Active directory, BlackBerry PIN blasts (PIN to PIN messaging), and mobile devices.