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Financial Services Contact Management

One of the most successful implementations of itrezzo contact management software has been in the financial services industry. Financial services firms usually manage a portfolio of companies, sometimes in the dozens, each with its own board and key staff roster. There is turnover in these positions, but the financial services firm frequently needs immediate communication with the executives, without investigating to determine who is new in a position and how to reach them.

itrezzo Unified Contact Manager, with the optional InterOrg Connector, is ideally suited to help a financial services investment firm keep its critical contacts in portfolio companies highly reachable.

  • This platform optimizes enterprise contacts to deliver more complete and current contact information that saves valuable minutes and supports efficient outreach to portfolio companies.
  • More than a business contact manager, itrezzo Unified Contact Manager can sync the global address list and employee smart phones with the latest employee contact data.
  • The itrezzo Self Service Update application procures the latest, most accurate contact details from the most reliable source available.
  • The itrezzo InterOrg Connector makes it easy for financial services firms to keep track of key personnel in portfolio companies who will be needed to coordinate quick response to market and business situations.

Under everyday circumstances, the productivity and time savings delivered by itrezzo solutions produces an ROI of 300% to 400% per year, or higher. It takes just one urgent business situation for that return on investment to climb to a much higher level.