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itrezzo for Hospitals and Clinics

Delivering health care services, particularly for the sick and injured, usually requires a web of interacting providers: doctors, specialists, nurses, home aids, laboratories, and insurers. In health care, the motivations for contact management and optimization are balanced between productivity gains and urgent, life-changing communications.


Doctors increasingly use the time spent walking between patient sessions to reach other medical personnel via smart phone. It is a poor healthcare practice to have them spend time entering updates into their address book. The use of an automated contact management solution that collects, updates, and disseminates all the contact details of key players at a hospital or clinic is a great contributor to efficiency and carries a demonstrably high return on investment ROI

  • The itrezzo Unified Contact Managerensures complete and current contact information that saves valuable minutes and supports an efficient medical response.
  • Its core application itrezzoAgent EPScan sync the global address list and employee smart phones with the latest employee contact data.
  • The itrezzo Self Service Update application procures the latest, most accurate contact details from the most reliable source available.
  • The itrezzo InterOrg Connector makes it easy for healthcare providers to coordinate and consult with key personnel--in other organizations--who will be needed to respond in medical or public health emergencies.

Under everyday circumstances, the productivity and time savings delivered by itrezzo solutions produces an ROI of 300% to 400% per year, or higher. It takes just one life-saving connection to a doctor or specialist for that return on investment to leap to a level that is incalculably high.