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itrezzo for the Service Organizations

The services category applies to a broad set of industries, often national enterprises with large work groups placed in the field, where a high proportion of workers carry smart phones provided by the company. Often communication to them is urgent; flood response for a water damage mitigation franchisor; onsite computer repair; A/C or plumbing services; or real estate and property management. And the urgency may come just when networks are seriously hampered by a crisis event.

Day-to-day communication with dispersed field groups can be cumbersome. Outdated contact information is more than an irritant; it can have serious human and financial repercussions.

An automated solution for contact management and optimization—ensuring that contact data is as accurate and available as possible, and synced to the global address list and smart phones carried by employees—can reduce headaches and costs for these companies.

  • The itrezzo Unified Contact Manager ensures complete and current contact information that saves valuable minutes and supports an efficient response to constantly changing priorities.
  • Its central application itrezzoAgent EPS can sync the global address list and employee smart phones with the latest employee contact data.
  • The itrezzo Self Service Update application procures the latest, most accurate contact details from the most reliable source available.
  • The itrezzo InterOrg Connector makes it easy to keep track of key personnel outside the company for better large-scale response after a major event, such as after an earthquake.

Under everyday circumstances, the productivity and time savings delivered by itrezzo solutions produces an  ROI of 300% to 400% per year, or higher. It takes just one crisis situation for that return on investment to climb significantly higher, by enabling enterprises to maintain service delivery at times when their customers need the most help.