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Seven reasons how the itrezzo Employee Contact Portal (ECP) can help

  • Your Global Address has missing or outdated contact details.
  • You don’t have an easy and secure method to collect staff contact details without a great deal of manual labor.
  • Multiple departments are each maintaining their own ECL’s (Emergency Contact Lists).
  • You want to collect home address and phone information but don’t wafrnt to publish these details in the GAL.
  • HR or certain departments want to collect “ICE” - In Case of Emergency” details from each employee.
  • You need more of an employee directory than an Outlook client can provide.
  • You want an Employee Directory that is fully integrated with Active Directory.

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A fast, modern AD-Integrated Employee Directory that Users Love

A cool UI that behaves the way it should: interactive grid, with photos, drill-down, and geo-display. Styled to satisfy elite law and private equity firms, yet scalable for a multinational.

  • Fast - the full directory resides in local memory. Results pop on screen, making other directories look catatonic.
  • Hassle free, 1-hour implementation in most cases.
  • Acts like a desktop application but works in all major browsers; even runs and looks great on Mac OS/X
  • Secure and safe; built with Single Sign On and AD user authentication.
  • Equally cool web based administration.

Keeps users where you want them; out of your hair.

Set person as a subordinate or manager
  • They’ll easily figure out the Portal with no training, securely update their own profile with the Self-Service Update screen, and access to the contact data they need instantly.
  • A robust, fully proven enterprise application.
  • We developed the ECP as part of our full Unified Contact Management platform, used and trusted by major corporations and Federal agencies. tested with directory size up to 25,000 entries.
  • All management is done from a web browser, yet authorizes administration roles base on AD Groups.

How much does it cost?

We do not charge for the Employee Contact Portal. This feature brings us brand awareness. Users often take an interest in our paid products through grass roots benefits. For example, our UCM solution will sync the directory to smart phones connected to Microsoft Exchange.

Another popular feature that compliments ECP is called Self Service Update which can automatically remind your users to periodically verify their contact details and give them the opportunity to update phone and other critical contact information. There is a per user annual charge for this capability. 

Some organizations will opt to purchase a Support Package from itrezzo, before they deploy company wide. When customers purchase annual maintenance, they get telephone support as well as an ability to automate the compliance of users keeping their emergency contact profile up to date.

Tightly integrated with Active Directory

We built the ECP to use the AD reporting hierarchy. Managers can designate their team members and the ECP will display org charts, for example. Secure access to the ECP can be assigned based on AD groupings.

Easily customized

Use the built-in wizard to quickly customize the Self-Service Profile to request any fields. Customize pull-down lists of labels (combo boxes) for users to select job titles, departments, locations - make it easy on users while you maintain consistency.