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Syncing and updating employee contact databases across all boundaries

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itrezzo InterOrg Connector provides employee reachability that links cooperating organizations contact databases across firewalls.

Two companies announce a merger. Now their “merger clock” is ticking. Can they quickly meld their people and operations, or will customers and the stock market sense that something is awry and lose confidence?  

A hurricane strikes a major school district. Hundreds of principals, emergency directors, police, public safety, building safety inspectors, and others must communicate quickly and reliably to determine which schools can reopen. Power has been out for days, voice networks are overloaded, and the most reliable communication is with BlackBerry PIN-to-PIN ID messaging, Push-to-Talk, or SMS text. Few officials have up-to-date printed directories of all their emergency contacts, but with the itrezzo InterOrg Connector, every individual with a smart phone has the latest phone and PIN information for each person they need to work with.

The Benefits of InterOrg Connector – Day-to-Day and During a Crisis

The itrezzo InterOrg Connector enables fast collaboration and connection by giving selected employees the contact data on a key set of employees at another company. This information is delivered to each user’s individual address book in Microsoft Outlook and on their smart phone.

The itrezzo InterOrg Connector helps maintain reachability between designated staff groups at multiple organizations, regardless of firewall barriers and how often the contact data may change. The itrezzo InterOrg Connector is a component, which adds on to the itrezzo platform for enterprise contact optimization (ECO).


The itrezzo InterOrg Connector manages the flow of employee contact data between two organizations. The process is invisible and effortless for users, and does not interfere with their internal corporate contacts.

Organizations that benefit from use of the itrezzo InterOrg Connector

Organization #1

Organization(s) they connect with

Reason they need inter-organization collaboration


Private Enterprise


Holding companies and their


Key financial and executive staff need to be reachable.

Acquirers and their

Newly acquired companies

Teams from each company need a high degree of interaction as they merge together.

Financial Services, other investment firms and

Their portfolio companies

The investors need ongoing contact with their portfolio companies, primarily with the executive and accounting staff.

Private enterprise and

Supply chain partners

Enable better coordination of shipments and deliveries.

Suppliers’ field service personnel and


Enable field technicians to provide better service to customers.

COOP Staff at

Multiple inter-dependent businesses

Enable close coordination and fast reaction for disaster recovery and business continuity.




Federal or state agencies’ COOP staff and

COOP teams at other agencies

COOP staff need to access their counterparts at closely cooperating government entities.

Department of Defense

and civilian agencies

Where collaboration is required for security, supply chain, and intelligence matters.

COOP Staff at federal agencies and on disaster management

and Public utilities

A public emergency might involve the utilities’ infrastructure and require immediate communication.

Local public school districts’ COOP staff and

Police, maintenance, public safety, and other disaster response teams

Where disaster response requires communication between the school district and safety-related agencies and departments.

The itrezzo InterOrg Connector is a component of the itrezzo enterprise contact optimization platform which must be installed at both organizations.