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Update the Global Address List (GAL) in Lockstep

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In most organizations, a Global Address List (GAL) is the most ubiquitous database in which to look up employee contact data. But how are changes to employee data synced to the global address list, to ensure it is up to date?

The itrezzo Lockstep software component eliminates most costs associated with keeping the GAL up to date.  It automatically extracts new data from one or more databases—which might be silo databases from different departments, or an update list produced by itrezzo Self Service Update and performs field-level updates to the GAL.

Lockstep also adds reliability and accuracy to the global address list.

Lockstep is included with itrezzo Unified Contact Manager the contact management platform that optimizes employee, customer, and external associate data for enterprises and government agencies.

In organizations without Lockstep, when an employee is hired, his or her contact information is added to the GAL with data from Human Resources. Over time, even if employee contact updates are captured, they must be entered manually by an IT administrator. This method leads to errors and omissions in the GAL.

Lockstep performs the following functions: 

  • Draws data changes from self-service updates, department contact lists, or other data sources
  • Updates selected fields in Active Directory, without publishing private contact details
  • Selectively updates according to easily customized filters and controls
  • Undoes changes if required; the software keeps a transaction Log
  • Maps any fields to custom attributes or any other field with simple drag-and-drop setup
  • Automates creation and updating of custom contacts for external mailboxes

Lockstep Benefits Everyone Dependent on the GAL

Lockstep benefits everyone dependent on the GAL, including IT and Human Resources

When paired with other itrezzo software applications, itrezzo Lockstep significantly reduces the cost of maintaining the global address list, and provide everyone the most up-to-date complete information; needed to contact employees reliably in both everyday and urgent circumstances.

Integration with other itrezzo platform components:

  • Lockstep delivers maximum value when paired with itrezzoAgent Self Service Update to automate collection of updates from employees on an ongoing basis, and commit those updates to the GAL
  • Lockstep performs optimally with itrezzoAgent BPE (BlackBerry Pin Extraction) to extract Push-to-Talk, mobile phone and BlackBerry PIN information from the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES)


  • Lockstep performs extremely fast field-level updates
  • Lockstep modifies Active Directory records efficiently, minimizing global replication traffic


  • Lockstep can be managed from the command line with XML configuration, or enhanced Web administration