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Sync GAL

Easily sync your Global Address List to nearly any smartphone.

Choose which lists and fields you'd like to sync or exclude. Choose AD groups or entire GAL to create contact lists.

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Sync Calendar

Sync public and private calendars to any Exchange users.

No app required; access shared calendars from mobile phones.

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Sync Public Folder

Sync contacts and calendars from all of your organization's Public Folders.

Sync subfolders. For smartphones with this capability, CiraSync can leverage subfolders to segregate mobile users’ personal contacts from their company contact lists.

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Sync CRM

The easiest, fastest way to ensure everyone has access to every customer, lead, and prospect from their mobile phones.

Works with and other leading CRMs.

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  • Easily sync the GAL, Public Folders, shared calendars, or CRM contacts to any smartphone.
  • Choose which contact lists and fields to sync. Flexible targeting – select which mobile users to update.
  • Clean up data with automated exact dedupe and a full set of anti-clutter tools.
  • Automatically UNSYNCS – itrezzo removes contacts of departed employees.

Sync contacts + calendars to your mobile devices the easy way

itrezzo is among my all-time top three software providers. Their support is very professional, quick, and capable.

John T., Director of IT, Office Pavilion Houston

  • Flexible targeting – specify who receives what.
  • Control clutter, eliminate legacy contacts.
  • Incremental updates.
  • No software to install on desktops or mobile devices.
  • Automation: configure itrezzo and go relax.
  • Scale to many thousands of users.

It’s great to know exactly who every incoming call is from – even in a company with thousands of employees.

Four solutions. One proven, secure foundation.

All four itrezzo solutions are built on the same Unified Contact Manager platform that is trusted by the Department of Justice, HBO, leading private equity firms such as the Carlyle Group, and large law firms. All four solutions are also available for Office 365 users, too.

Outstanding customer support. Really.

From its inception in 2001, itrezzo has been known for responsive, personal, around the clock support. Even better, once initial configuration parameters are set, itrezzo solutions “just work” and rarely require intervention of any kind.

Built for your reality. A full range of cleanup tools.

15 years of serving enterprise customers led to itrezzo building tools to address every issue and messy situation, such as duplicate/triplicate contacts.

Optional capabilities that set itrezzo apart.

  • Self Service Update – itrezzo contact-management solutions allow employees to update their contact details through a self-service portal, increasing accuracy.
  • Employee Contact Portal – a dynamic, leading-edge directory of employees and visitors which enlists every individual in ensuring correct contact data.
  • Lockstep – a component that ensures automated updating of the GAL, Lockstep draws data changes from self-service updates, department contact lists, or other sources.
  • InterOrg Connector - provides employee reachability and supports collaboration that links cooperating organizations’ contact databases across firewalls.  InterOrg Connector lets one organization give the contact data of selected employees to specified people at another organization.
  • Telephone Broadcast Connector (TBC) - complements broadcast notification systems such as SendWordNow. Trusted and proven inside the firewall at major corporations and government agencies, itrezzo TBC provides third-party mass notification systems with the current contact data they require to be effective.