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Sync Public Folders to Microsoft Exchange

Every day, itrezzo Unified Contact Manager syncs thousand of contacts to Outlook and our sales team’s smartphones.

Director of IT, Office Pavilion Houston

Advantages of itrezzo Unified Contact Manager for Syncing Public Folders

  • Automation. With itrezzo, there’s no need to push a button to sync or when a new employee joins the company. Just “set it and forget it.”
  • Flexible targeting. Just point and choose to create customized collections of contacts.
  • Granular control. Most companies don’t want to provide every user with access to every contact, or to every field in their contact records. Unified Contact Manager selectively filters out fields and targets specific lists to specific contacts.
  • Sync subfolders. Not all smartphones can sync subfolders. But for those that do, itrezzo can leverage them to segregate mobile users’ personal contacts from their company contact lists.
  • Incremental updates. Minimize cellphone data costs by syncing only changed contacts to users’ phones. Incremental updates take less time and reduce the possibility of sync errors, too.
  • No desktop. No client. Minimal configuration and virtually maintenance-free.