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Self Service contact updates from itrezzo

The most efficient, trustworthy way to keep employee contact information accurate is via the web based itrezzo Self Service Update (SSU) software component. Self-service obtains updates faster, scales efficiently, and saves time and money. With the Self Service Update, the data synced to employee smart phones and the global address list (GAL)—using itrezzo LockStep will be the most accurate possible.

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The Best Person to Update Employee Contact Information: The Employee

The itrezzo Self Service Update can be used in three ways:

  • With the itrezzo enterprise contact optimization (ECO) platform as a key element of the Unified Communications Management solution;
  • Stand-alone, to collect employee contact updates;
  • To update contacts in any application including Excel.

In many companies employee contact data falls out of date, as phone numbers change and employees leave. The itrezzo Self Service Update reverses this tendency.  It uses ‘courteous workflow’ to remind employees to provide updates, and Human Resources can review updates before distribution to employees.

itrezzo does the heavy lifting for you with self service updates

The itrezzo Self Service Update relieves workload on the group or department responsible for maintaining employee contact data.  It saves small bits of time for nearly all employees.

Once employees enter a new cell phone number into the itrezzo Self Service Update, it can be automatically propagated to colleagues in their smart phone address book and their Outlook address book. No colleague will ever need to enter the new cell phone number. The benefit might be just one minute for each colleague, but multiply that by 300 or 500 or 1000 internal contacts, and is clear that with each cell phone change, Self Service Update can save hours of cumulative employee time.

Over time, the productivity and time-savings accumulate. The larger the organization, the greater the savings and benefits with self-service updates.

The itrezzo Self Service Update combines these key features:

  • Sends email reminders to each employee to request updates;
  • Follows up until it obtains confirmation that all the data is complete;
  • Pre-fills data in the update form based on known values;
  • Web-based user and administrator interfaces;
  • Easy, flexible administration.


  • Use with the itrezzo ECO platform to update smart phone address books;
  • Serves as the automated contact data provider for mass notification systems, such as itrezzo partner Everbridge;
  • With itrezzo Lockstep GAL , updates will be entered into Active Directory and synced into the global address list (GAL).