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Why use itrezzo for GAL Sync?

  • Consolidate GAL contacts with other sources. itrezzo Unified Contact Manager combines contacts from the GAL, Public Folders, CRM system, SQL databases and spreadsheets and lets you sync them all at once to smartphones.
  • Streamline onboarding. itrezzo keeps it simple by letting you target existing distribution groups. Add all new employees to a “Smartphone Users” group, and then they’ll automatically receive contacts every time you sync — no extra work involved.
  • No clutter. Company GAL overflowing with legacy contacts, test mailboxes, or service accounts? itrezzo sorts and filters to avoid syncing unwanted contacts to mobile users.
  • Incremental updates. Minimize cellphone data costs by syncing only changed contacts to users’ phones. Incremental updates take less time and reduce the possibility of sync errors, too.
  • Transparent to the user. There’s no software to install on desktops or smartphones, and no need for user training.

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